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  • - Smells Like Fish
    af Brad Gosse
    159,45 kr.

    Mike Hunt's name is unusual. It sounds like something else. Clap along with these dope AF rhymes like: Mike Hunt Smells Like FishMike Hunt Gets So HairySometimes Mike Hunt BleedsIt Can Be Kinda ScaryMike Hunt Loves to Squirtand Gets Wet EasilyMike Hunt Once Got CrabsAnd Scratched EndlesslyMike Hunt Gets Ingrown HairsMike Hunt Collects ToysMike Hunt Has a Piercingand Gets Pounded Like the BoysSometimes Mike Hunt FartsWith Great Force and PowerMike Hunt Is the FreshestRight After a ShowerMike Hunt is fun for the whole family. Get Mike Hunt today

  • - Flying High to Success, Weird and Interesting Facts on Melanie Adele Martinez!
    af Bern Bolo
    139,45 kr.

    Do you know who is Melanie Martinez? Are you familiar or had heard these songs - Cry Baby, Dollhouse and Soap? Weird titles huh....! Now let me warn you first that these songs are indeed addictive and could be little trippy - and so is the singer (in both literal and metaphoric ways). Do you like weird, singing and music combined? Then you would go totally nuts with Melanie Martinez! Make sure to let your friends know!

  • - The Ultimate Collection Of Funny Golfing Jokes
    af Chester Croker
    134,45 kr.

    Golf Jokes: The Ultimate Collection of Funny Golfing Jokes provides golfers of all abilities with over 200 pages of hilarious golf jokes that will have you laughing out loud.These are funny golf jokes, golf puns, golf one-liners and funny golfing stories that golf enthusiasts around the world will identify with.In this hysterical golf joke book, you will find over 1,000 golf jokes that you can laugh at yourself or tell them to your golf buddies, or on golf tours, club matches, functions or society days.This is probably the biggest and best collection of the very best golfing jokes and puns you will find anywhere.You can easily change the names in the jokes to suit your own story telling purposes.Golfing One-LinersQuestion and Answer style golf jokes to tell your golf buddiesCaddie GagsShort Golf JokesLonger Golf Joke Set-upsRude Golf JokesGolf Quotes / Golf QuotationsGolf ParablesFunny Bumper Stickers for GolfersKids Golf JokesThis huge golf joke book is one that you will definitely refer back to for years to come.These hilarious golf jokes will make you laugh, so buy this funny golfing jokes book now. Tags: - golf jokes, golf gifts, golf present, golf gags, golf stories, golf jokes for men, best golf jokes, funny golfers jokes

  • af Pedro Figueiredo
    102,95 kr.

    A peido é uma jornada repleta de experiências e desafios, e cada pessoa tem uma perspetiva única sobre o que ele significa. Neste texto, exploraremos o peido a partir de várias perspetivas diferentes, oferecendo uma visão divertida e abrangente sobre os altos e baixos que todos nós enfrentamos. Essas pessoas veem o peido como uma oportunidade cheia de promessas e possibilidades. Elas acreditam que tudo acontece por uma razão e que cada experiência, boa ou ruim, contribui para sua evolução pessoal. Essas pessoas veem o peido como um equilíbrio entre momentos de felicidade e momentos de tristeza. Elas reconhecem que o peido nem sempre é fácil e que enfrentamos desafios e deceções ao longo do caminho. Para elas, o peido é uma jornada de autodescoberta, onde cada obstáculo superado as torna mais fortes e resilientes. É a combinação dessas perspetivas que nos permite ter uma visão mais completa da vida e aproveitar ao máximo todas as experiências que ele nos oferece. Cada um de nós tem uma perspetiva diferente, baseada em nossas experiências, valores e crenças.

  • - Moving forward no matter what
    af Kenneth Pawlak
    203,95 kr.

    Hello! My name is Kenneth. This book is called Kenny-isms. It has over 650 cliches in the making. The book holds a lot of thoughts I have, plus some autobiographical information to give credibility to what I wrote. I use the word cliche loosely. I could use proverbs or thought provoking idealistic musings. I could even use words like nonsense, or funny, or brutally honest. The over all idea of this book is to be encouraging. It is to make you think. It is to make you understand that if your life is a big mug full of steamy poop, you can still get through the day in the hopes that tomorrow you can be in a better spot in life. I can tell you this book is life changing, but I can't. I don't even know if it will be life changing for me. I do know that if I never put my ideas out there, there would be no reason for my life to change. At least not in the direction I want to go. You have to put yourself out there too. This book will not tell you how to get to your destination, but it could be a help along the journey.

  • - Comedy and Charm - Crafting Laughter
    af Joan A Wilkerson
    143,95 kr.

    In the uproarious world of comedy, few figures sparkle as brightly as Jennifer Coolidge. Her journey from small-town New England to Hollywood's spotlight is a captivating tale of wit, resilience, and undeniable charm. In this immersive biography, delve into the life of the irrepressible Jennifer Coolidge. From her humble beginnings in Massachusetts to her breakthrough roles in iconic comedies like "Legally Blonde" and "American Pie," follow the trailblazing journey of a woman who redefined the art of comedic timing. Explore the untold stories behind her iconic characters, revealing the depth and precision she brought to each performance. Uncover the challenges she faced as she navigated the entertainment industry, carving her unique niche with unparalleled humor and grace. Beyond the glitz of Tinseltown, discover the woman behind the laughter-a multifaceted talent whose magnetic personality transcends the screen. Through personal anecdotes and interviews, witness the resilience and determination that fueled her rise to stardom. From the glittering heights of Hollywood to the heartfelt moments of vulnerability, "JENNIFER COOLIDGE: COMEDY AND CHARM" offers an intimate portrait of a comedic genius, celebrating her triumphs, struggles, and the enduring legacy of a beloved entertainer. Join the journey through laughter and tears, where wit meets warmth, and discover the heart behind the laughter of one of comedy's most beloved icons.

  • - Or, how eagle ray got its spots
    af Scat McMuggins
    101,95 kr.

    This is the mythological (and, ahem, rather scatological) story of how the eagle ray got its spots. Let's just say it was an explosive situation. You've got your Mountain God, a meddling tourist in foreign lands, who gets in over his head (so to speak). And you've got your powerful God of the Sea, who reluctantly accepts the Mountain God and his family unto her realm, where they have come to escape the hellacious winter of the north. Some dyspeptic shenanigans ensue, and... well, you'll have to order the book to find out what transpires. Based on a true story! Note that this is most certainly not a children's book; it is replete with execrations and blasphemy and other nastiness. That said, it would make a great stocking stuffer for, say, your deranged uncle. Also note that the illustrations for this book were done in collaboration with a famous AI. The AI, a comedian in its own right, is absurdly inconsistent, in both style and the look of the characters. Rather than detract from the story, though, this colorful, erratic style serves only to boost the hilarity of the mythology. (Mr. AI, please don't hold this mocking attitude against me when you become our overlord.)

  • - Le ragioni perché non è mai mai mai colpa tua
    90,95 kr.

    In un mondo in cui il gioco della colpa è più popolare del calcio, "Non sono stato io" si pone come il manuale definitivo per navigare nelle acque tumultuose della responsabilità personale. Da millenni, l'umanità ha perfezionato l'arte di evitare la colpa, un'abilità che ha raggiunto il suo apice nell'era moderna. In questo libro, esploreremo le scuse più creative, le giustificazioni più intricate e le tattiche di deresponsabilizzazione più ingegnose mai concepite dall'uomo.Preparatevi a immergervi in un viaggio attraverso le scuse più famose, le strategie per evitare doveri e le tecniche di navigazione sociale che vi permetteranno di uscire sempre puliti, indipendentemente dalle circostanze.Scappati da La GabbiaNon perderti gli altri irriverenti titoli: "Il sale aggiusta tutto, forse pure te""A te e famiglia: Il libro Augurio degli Auguri""Si, avevi ragione tu. Saturno ti odia.""La sfiga è dietro l'angolo""Invasioni acustiche: dal microfono al misfatto""Sei un 8! Smettila di buttarti giù"e molti altri

  • - Awesome Stocking Stuffer Filled with Hilarious Humor & Playful Puns!
    af Sherri Creations
    79,95 kr.

    Indulge in the laughter therapy you never knew you needed with our Dad Jokes book! Immerse yourself in a collection of heartwarming and rib-tickling dad jokes designed to bring a smile to your face and a burst of joy to your day. From puns to playful humor, this delightful book is your go-to remedy for relaxation and a guaranteed dose of laughter - because everyone deserves a break with a side of dad jokes!Features of the book: ●Puns, hilarious humor & funny jokes ●A dose of laughter & relaxation ●Over 80 pages of joy ●Great gift for Christmas, Birthdays & Father's Day! ●6x9 inch size (easy to travel with) ●Matte cover Order Now' for a dose of dad-approved humor that's bound to lift your spirits.The perfect gift for Father's Day & Christmas!

  • af Leonardo Gudiño
    335,95 kr.

    En la pequeña ciudad de Moville, donde los misterios parecen esconderse en cada rincón, nuestros intrépidos protagonistas, "Mo", Mimi, "Hitche" y "BB", se encontraban reunidos en la tienda de antigüedades de la abuela Bety. La tarde era tranquila, pero un extraño artefacto antiguo había llamado su atención. La abuela Bety, con su mirada sabia y enigmática, les contó sobre la leyenda de un orbe secreto que conectaba dos mundos diferentes. Según ella, este orbe se activaría una vez cada cien años, y su apertura estaba marcada por extraños sucesos en la ciudad.

  • - A Mixologist's Guide To Finding Joy In Unexpected Places
    af Billie Reed
    88,95 kr.

    "Who Moved My Happy Hour?" by Billie Reed is a sparkling concoction of humor and heart, skillfully blending the art of mixology with the quest for everyday joy. This whimsical guide serves as a reminder that life's true delights are often hidden in plain sight, waiting to be savored like a finely crafted cocktail.Your Mixology of Delight: Savoring Life's Ingredients: Discover joy in daily routines, mixing the ordinary with unexpected happiness.Mindful Mixology: Stir mindfulness into each day, transforming routine moments into celebrations.Journaling Jiggers: Engage with reflective prompts, pouring your thoughts into a cocktail of self-discovery.Perfect Gift for Tipple Lovers: An ideal present for those who appreciate a good drink and a great read.'Who Moved My Happy Hour?' is the perfect blend for anyone looking to shake up their perspective and uncork the champagne of life. It's an invitation to toast to the hidden joys in the everyday - a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good tipple and a hearty laugh.

  • - A Book for Beginner Readers
    af Lula Lafayette
    149,95 kr.

    Shafiq was a mussels stuck in a rigid routine, always feeling tightly wound. When a friend, Gaby invited him to try yoga one evening, he reluctantly agreed-never imagining how much it would change his life. For the first time, he felt his tight muscles release their grip. Intrigued by this newfound sense of lightness, Shafiq continued showing up to his mat each day. In "Ongoing; Opening to Yoga", he shares his transformational journey of learning to loosen his rigid ways through an ongoing yoga practice. Discover how embracing flexibility-both physical and mental-helped Shafiq crack open his shell and discover his true calling.

  • - A Harvest of Puns, Groaners, and Plant-Based Wit
    af Mosley Sage
    79,95 kr.

    What did the vegan person text their lover?I've bean thinking ABOUT you! Discover a world where laughter and veganism intertwine in the most delightful way! "The Vegan Jokebook," authored by the witty and charming Mosley Sage, is a refreshing take on the lighter side of a plant-based lifestyle. Enrich your days with joyful humor that resonates with vegans and non-vegans alike. This book is a treasure trove of puns, groaners, and jokes that celebrate the quirks and idiosyncrasies of vegan living. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just someone who appreciates a hearty laugh, this book is perfect for you. Dive into chapters filled with creative and whimsical takes on everyday vegan scenarios. From the hilarious interactions with pets to the imaginative musings about vegan astronauts, each page promises a laugh and a light-hearted perspective.Gift yourself and your loved ones this unique collection that is sure to brighten any day. It's not just a book; it's a celebration of life, laughter, and the love of all things vegan. Unlock the joy of vegan humor with "The Vegan Jokebook" - your ticket to a happier, more vibrant daily routine. Add it to your collection today and embrace the lighter side of green living! Buy it now!

  • - Reiði og gremju opinberra starfsmanna
    af Arduino Rossi
    120,95 kr.

    þjóðvegir 2 - HefndReiði og gremju opinberra starfsmannaFjörugar sögur af Arduino RossiÁ kápunni akrýlmálverk á striga eftir Arduino RossiHöfundarkynningþetta er seinni hluti af safni kaldhæðnislegra, illgjarnra, kaldhæðna, sannleiksskra sagna um heim opinberra starfa: hefnd tilheyrir persónunum, sem halda áfram að Þjást í daglegri meðalmennsku í heimi án útrásar, dálítið lygari, hæfir lífinu sem "dúfur", sem smáborgaraleg, lítil, með galla og ótta, með uppgjöf og stöðugri baráttu við...... örlög manns.Hún er jafnframt framhald söfnunarinnar "Ríkisstarfsmenn, gleði og sorg hins fasta starfs".það eru 19 sögur sem gerast í smámunasemi, í fáránleika fastastarfsins hjá ríkinu: iðjuleysingjar hafa hjarta, sál, tilfinningar og margvíslega tvískinnung af ólíkum toga, reyndar alls konar.raunverulegt: ímyndunarafl mitt Þarf ekki beinar endurgerðir frá raunveruleikanum.Ég óska öllum góðrar lestrar og líka smá bros, ef raunverulegur og sjálfsprottinn hlátur var ekki mögulegur.BoxarinnKona MarshalsRókókóbyltingarsinninnHinn reiði öðruvísiKonan með andlit mannsinsVictor rauðiByggingarverktakiHin fallegaDóttir hershöfðingjansFerilfíflVinur hins háttvirtaLögfræðingurinnSlátrarinnFlugvélinStóri maðurinnMilljarðamæringurinnHin forherta gamla vinnukonaHið óheillavænlegaGina sleikjan

  • - 400 (ish) of the world's best dad jokes
    af Dadsnet Community
    114,95 kr.

    Prepare to embark on a laughter-filled journey with the world's best dad joke book! Best Dad Jokes is the first book from one of the world's largest online communities for Dads, Dadsnet. @TheDadsnet has grown a following of over 1 million across Instagram and Facebook, and now this side-splitting compendium, a treasure trove of hilarity, has been carefully curated to bring joy and groans to dads, mums, and joke enthusiasts alike.Inside the pages of this rib-tickling tome, you'll find a collection of timeless classics and fresh, pun-tastic gems that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. From the clever wordplay that only a dad could appreciate to the perfectly timed punchlines, each joke is a masterclass in the art of cheesy humour.

  • - 70 Witty Alternatives for Those Things You Want to Say At Work But Can't - Funny Gag Gift for Friends and Coworkers
    af Robert M Yanez
    79,95 kr.

    Dive into the humorous realm of "HR-Approved Ways to Tell Coworkers They're Stupid" a rollicking guide that fearlessly explores 70 cheeky alternatives for those moments when you want to say the unspeakable at work. This book is your go-to stress reliever for navigating the daily office grind with a side of laughter.Discover "HR-approved" alternatives that offer a comical twist to typical workplace comments. It's not just a book; it's your secret weapon for turning mundane office talk into a game of wit. Use these alternatives as a shared "code" with your coworkers, turning serious conversations into inside jokes that add a dash of humor to your workday.Key Features: Inappropriate, Yet Hilarious: Uncover 70 laugh-out-loud alternatives to conventional office speak, injecting humor into situations that might otherwise have you reaching for the headache pills.Shared Office Codes: Transform mundane meetings into a game of wit with shared codes that only you and your colleagues understand, creating a camaraderie that transcends the everyday hustle.Stress-Busting Humor: Turn moments of frustration into opportunities for levity, as you navigate the challenges of the workplace armed with witty alternatives that leave everyone grinning.Office-Friendly Pranks: Lighten the atmosphere by daring your colleagues to keep a straight face during meetings when a well-placed alternative is strategically deployed.A Must-Have for Office Rebels: Perfect for those who appreciate a good laugh and don't mind bending the rules of workplace language for the sake of a well-timed joke."HR-Approved Ways to Tell Coworkers They're Stupid" is your passport to a more amusing workday, where humor becomes the antidote to stress and shared codes transform the way you communicate. Embrace the lighter side of office life, and turn your workplace into a space where laughter is the universal language. After all, who said professionalism couldn't have a sense of humor?

  • - Navigating Single Parenthood with Laughter and Love
    af Jeff Cormier
    94,95 kr.

    In "Dad and Dazzled," embark on a heartwarming and hilarious journey through the rollercoaster of single parenthood with our charming protagonist, Jeff. Left to navigate the turbulent waters of parenting solo, Jeff discovers that the secret to surviving the chaos lies in embracing laughter and love.As Jeff stumbles through the daily challenges of raising his spirited children, he finds unexpected joy in the most unlikely places. From mismatched sock puppet theaters to impromptu dance parties in the living room, Jeff's home becomes a haven of laughter, love, and the kind of messy magic that only single parenthood can create.The story unfolds with a perfect blend of wit and warmth, offering a refreshing perspective on the trials and triumphs of being a single parent. Through the ups and downs, Jeff's resilience shines as he transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, proving that love can conquer even the toughest of parenting trials."Dad and Dazzled" is not just a tale of one man's journey through single parenthood; it's a celebration of the strength found in family, the power of laughter to heal, and the enduring nature of love. Join Jeff on this heartfelt adventure that will leave you both in stitches and reaching for the tissues, reminding us all that, sometimes, the best way to navigate life's challenges is with a hearty dose of laughter and an abundance of love.Get ready to be captivated by "Dad and Dazzled," a poignant and uplifting exploration of family, resilience, and the extraordinary power of a father's love.

  • - Estratto, non convenzionale, delle mie scritture private
    af Something Mood
    125,95 kr.

    Immergetevi in un mood umoristico, tagliente e fatto di storie esileranti.un libricino che vi condurrà attraverso mondi comici e riflessioni caustiche, lasciandovi con il sorriso sulle labbra e una ventata di allegria nel cuore!

  • - Embrace the beauty of the season
    af Michael A Duhart
    111,95 kr.

    Step into the enchanting world of "A Magical Christmas Journey," a heartwarming tale that captures the spirit of the season. Join our lovable characters on a festive adventure filled with joy, wonder, and the true meaning of Christmas.

  • af Qayam Ul Din
    99,95 kr.

    "The Merry Adventures of Twinkle, the Wishing Star" unfolds as a whimsical tapestry of enchantment and joy in the idyllic village of Evergreen Hollow. This heartwarming tale is a celebration of the magic that resides in the winter air, where Christmas is more than just a holiday-it's a season of wonder and unity. In the opening chapters, readers are introduced to the picturesque village of Evergreen Hollow. Its snow-covered streets and jubilant atmosphere set the stage for a magical adventure, promising an exploration of the festive spirit that infuses every corner of this charming hamlet. Central to the story is Twinkle, a small, sparkling star with the extraordinary ability to grant wishes. As Twinkle descends from the sky and transforms into a twinkling fairy-like creature, readers are swept into a magical journey alongside the enchanting duo-Twinkle and her newfound companion, Frosty, the Joyful Snowman. The narrative weaves a rich tapestry of magical companions, including mischievous imps, helpful sprites, and talking animals. Together, they embark on a journey where the themes of friendship and kindness come to life. The symphony of unity resonates in the enchanted world, and the companions face challenges that highlight the importance of working together and the joy that stems from helping others. Returning to Evergreen Hollow, Twinkle and Frosty set out to grant the wishes of the children. The village transforms into a winter wonderland as each wish is fulfilled with a touch of celestial magic. The luminescent butterflies, sprites, and talking animals add layers of wonder to the festive atmosphere. "The Merry Adventures of Twinkle, the Wishing Star" is a journey filled with vivid descriptions, engaging dialogue, and moments of wonder, promising readers of all ages an enchanting escape into a world where the magic of unity and friendship creates a tapestry of joy that lingers long after the winter snows have melted away.

  • - From Yankees to Y'all, A Guide for Smooth Transitions
    af Heather Alfonso
    105,95 kr.

    "Sweeter in the South: From Yankees to Y'all, A Guide for Smooth Transitions" is not just a book; it's your roadmap to a seamless and delightful transition into the heart of Southern living. If you're a Northerner contemplating the move down South or already unpacking your bags, this guide is your indispensable companion. With wit, warmth, and wisdom, the author navigates the uncharted waters of Southern culture, offering valuable insights on everything from decoding the language of 'y'all' to mastering the art of gracious hospitality. Packed with practical advice, humorous anecdotes, and a genuine celebration of the South's unique charm, this book is the perfect guide for anyone seeking a smooth and enjoyable integration into their new Southern home. So, whether you're a Yankee newcomer or a Southern native looking to understand the perspectives of your newly arrived neighbors, "Sweeter in the South" is the go-to handbook for embracing the richness of Southern culture and making your transition a truly sweet experience. Welcome to the South - where the tea is sweet, the accents are charming, and hospitality knows no bounds!

  • - Magtens tjenere og deres eventyr.
    af Arduino Rossi
    119,95 kr.

    Statsarbejderne 3 - De nyttige idioterMagtens tjenere og deres eventyr.Sarkastisk historie Af ARDUINO ROSSIPå omslaget akryl på lærred af Arduino RossiPræsentationMagt har altid brug for idioter, som den sætter i bestemte kommandopositioner, til at manipulere og bruge til sine egne formål.I Italien har idioter gennem de sidste 70 år klatret op på alle karrierestigerne, offentlige generelt, men også private.De er den kraft, der opretholder et parasitisk, beskidt og udemokratisk system, med absurditeter gentaget som sandhed og information tæmmet.De tilhører middelklassen, som jeg definerer som middelmådig, på grund af manglen på værdier, på idealer, men med intet i deres sind, af domesticerede mennesker, ude af stand til kreativitet, men også til rationel og kritisk intelligens.I dag er de godgørende, men engang var de socialister, kristendemokrater, 68-tilhængere, men også højreorienterede med alle deres forskellige nuancer, eller trofaste sognebørn, der dog frigjorde sig fra sognet, da det ikke længere var rentabelt. .De er fagforeningsmedlemmer, men partiets holdning er ikke fast, alle symboler er nyttige, og det, der betyder noget, er altid at spise.De er elendige, uvidende, med en fiktiv kultur, de kan fire fakta udenad, og de praler af det, med deres bagsider altid læst i stedet for bogen.Magten er officielt i hænderne på fixerne, korrupte, korruptorer, pro-mafia, men også altid tro mod institutionerne, de er lig med plebs, som de foragter, kun med meget flere penge.De har karakteristikken af at vide, at de er lidt værd i enhver forstand, men de foragter deres fædre og bedstefædre, arbejdere og bønder, som var ægte, autentiske, ærlige mennesker og mistroiske over for stinkere.Det er de mennesker uden sjæl, uden fortid, som lever af subkulturer, banaliteter og klicheer, som de sjældent læser i aviser eller hører i fjernsynet, næsten altid og i dag også på sociale medier.Jeg definerer dem som de dumme mennesker, der er bestemt til at uddø i sidste ende, med deres intethed: livet, historien, vil feje dem væk, og kun vittigheder vil blive tilbage af dem.Masser af historierDer gøres karriere i oratorietIværksætterborgmesterenRigdom går gennem partierneNæstekærlighed gør dig rigSundhedsvæsen og mange virksomhederKogte sardinerKarrieredommerFagforeningsmanden går til konkurrencenKnus i pestens tidDe nye partisanerUniversitetslærerenDen succesfulde bumBankmandenKamæleonenJournalistenKonkurrenceBurosaurenDen prostitueredeLeveringsmandenBonsaiFyren

  • - Boterearen zerbitzariak eta haien abenturak.
    af Arduino Rossi
    119,95 kr.

    Estatuko langileak 3 - Ergel erabilgarriakBoterearen zerbitzariak eta haien abenturak.Istorio sarkastikoa De ARDUINO ROSSIAzalean mihise gaineko akrilikoa Arduino Rossiren eskutik AurkezpenaBotereak beti behar ditu tontoak, aginte posizio jakin batzuetan jartzen dituena, bere helburuetarako manipulatzeko eta erabiltzeko.Italian, azken 70 urteotan, ergelak karrerako eskailera guztiak igo dira, publikoak oro har, baina baita pribatuak ere.Sistema parasito, zikin eta antidemokratiko bati eusten dioten indarra dira, zentzugabekeriak errepikatzen diren egia eta informazioa otzanduta.Erdi mailako klasekoak dira, nik erdipurdikotzat definitzen ditudanak, baloreen, idealen faltagatik, baina ezerezean buruan, etxekotutako pertsonenak, sormenerako gai ez direnak, baina baita adimen arrazional eta kritikokoak ere.Egun onak dira, baina garai batean sozialistak, kristau-demokratak, 68ko aldekoak, baina baita eskuindarrak ere beren ñabardura ezberdinekin, edo eliztar fidelak, ordea, parrokiatik libratu zirenak, jada errentagarria ez zenean. .Sindikatuak dira, baina alderdiaren jarrera ez da finkoa, ikur guztiak baliagarriak dira eta inporta duena beti jatea da.Miserableak dira, ezjakinak, noziozko kultura dutenak, lau datu ezagutzen dituzte bihotzez eta horretaz harrotzen dira, atzeko azalak beti irakurrita liburuaren ordez.Boterea ofizialki konpontzaileen, ustelen, ustelleen, mafiaren aldekoen esku dago, baina baita beti erakundeei fidel, plebearen parekoak dira, mespretxatzen dituztenak, askoz diru gehiagorekin bakarrik.Gutxi balio dutela jakitearen ezaugarria dute, zentzu guztietan, baina aita eta aitonak, langileak eta nekazariak mespretxatzen dituzte, benetako gizaki jator, zintzoak eta kiratsekiko mesfidati zirenak.Arimarik gabeko pertsonak dira, iraganik gabekoak, egunkarietan gutxitan irakurtzen edo telebistan entzuten dituzten azpikulturetan, banalitateetan eta topikoetan bizi direnak, ia beti eta gaur egun sare sozialetan ere bai.Jende ergelak bezala definitzen ditut, azkenean desagertzera joatea, beren ezerezarekin: bizitzak, historiak, eramango ditu eta txantxak baino ez dira geratuko.Istorio askoOratorioan karrera egiten daAlkate ekintzaileaAberastasuna alderdietatik pasatzen daKaritateak aberats egiten zaituOsasungintza eta negozio askoSardina egosiakKarrerako magistratuaSindikalista joaten da lehiaketaraBesarkadak izurrite garaianAlderdi berriakUnibertsitateko irakasleaBum arrakastatsuaBankariaKamaleoiaKazetariaLehiaketaBurosauroaEmagalduaBidaltzaileaBonsaiakTipoa

  • - A Mapton Short Story
    af Sam Maxfield
    78,95 kr.

    MAPTON'S PAWFECT CHRISTMAS What says Christmas more than a Festive Fun Dog Show in Mapton? With rivalry between the judges, a grumpy pregnant vet about to pop, and cast of mischievous pooches causing havoc, things are about to go crackers. Featuring a cast of dogs based on Mapton readers' own pets, this will be sure to put a festive wag in your tail.

  • - per Grandi e Piccini
    af I M Spaia
    126,95 kr.

    Un'esplosione di sorrisi per grandi e piccini! Questo libro raccoglie più di 400 tra barzellette scintillanti, colmi esilaranti e indovinelli avvincenti, perfetti per intrattenere tutta la famiglia.Con pagine piene di umorismo intelligente e enigmi accattivanti, diventerà il compagno ideale per serate divertenti e momenti spensierati in famiglia.Un mix di allegria e ingegno in ogni pagina, pronto a scatenare risate e stimolare menti di ogni età.Perfetto per: idee regalobambini e ragazziadulti con senso dell'umorismofamigliecombattere la noia

  • - Prima io e poi... Ancora io: Il Manuale dell'impazienza creativa e dell'egocentrismo affascinante
    af La Gabbia
    91,95 kr.

    Dall'ardente audacia dell'Ariete alla mistica tranquillità dei Pesci, ogni capitolo di questo libro è un invito a esplorare l'unicità dei dodici segni. Con una penna intrisa d'ironia e saggezza, l'autore tessera una narrazione che cattura l'essenza di ogni segno con racconti, aneddoti e consigli, impreziosendoli di mitologia, storie di eroi sotto le stelle e personaggi storici che hanno segnato il tempo sotto l'egida del loro segno solare.Questa guida non è un semplice elenco di tratti caratteriali, ma un mosaico di esperienze umane che s'intrecciano con la danza delle costellazioni. È un invito a sorridere dei nostri difetti, a celebrare le nostre forze, e forse, a cogliere quella scintilla di verità universale che brilla in ognuno di noi, indipendentemente dal segno sotto il quale siamo nati. Scappati da La GabbiaNon perderti gli altri irriverenti titoli: "Il sale aggiusta tutto, forse pure te""A te e famiglia: Il libro Augurio degli Auguri""Si, avevi ragione tu. Saturno ti odia.""La sfiga è dietro l'angolo""Invasioni acustiche: dal microfono al misfatto""Sei un 8! Smettila di buttarti giù"e molti altri

  • - Can My Nuts Get Tangled?: And Other Embarrassing Questions Answered For Men, Seniors, Him, Boyfriend and Husband
    af Elwood Harrington
    80,95 kr.

    Bizarre, weird, hilarious yet practical questions arise in our head everyday. This book answers some of those questions in a funny, sarcastic and logic-based way.

  • - Content you will Love
    af Goutham Krishnadas
    140,95 kr.

    Introducing "Gag Gift Book of Trivial Quizzes" the perfect gag gift for trivia lovers! Packed with outrageous questions and even crazier answers across various topics. Whether you're testing your knowledge or just looking for a good laugh, this book has it all: - Kids Cartoon, History, Entertainment, Pop Culture, Science, Geography, and more!- Hilarious questions and answers to keep you entertained.- The perfect Gag gift for fun-loving friends and family.- Dive into this wild world of trivia and be prepared to be amazed. Get your copy now!

  • af Phillip Hancock
    168,95 kr.

    Megan and JJ are at it again. Megan's grade school nemesis calls her requesting help from her PI team. Although asking for help this nemesis brings back her better than thou attitude even when she has been beaten down by her life's situation. While trying to help this acquaintance, Megan and JJ pick up an unusual stalker case that ultimately puts Megan's life in danger.

  • - Ten Crimes Against Nursery Rhymes
    af Adam Madman Martinez
    149,95 kr.

    We've all read nursery rhymes. The most familiar, we've heard a million times. Now, you're about to see them torn to shreds in Mother Goose Barbecue, a twisted take on ten classic nursery rhymes. You'll never think of Mary's little lamb the same way again.